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Manage Your Online Reputation Before It’s Too Late

The Internet is a disaster! Besides the uncountable advantages it gives us, the World Wide Web hides some pitfalls. It is incredibly powerful and unpredictable. You never know what kind of information Google might present about your business tomorrow, or what rumors it will spread out about you personally.

Social Networking sites took over the entire world. People share their experiences, things they’ve done or just liked on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It became a significant part of the majority’s lives. And a lot of times we just don’t pay enough attention to what we post or like on the Internet. We never know who will see our page. Everything is anonymous – and that is two sides of one coin. People can say anything they want regarding your business or personal life being completely discreet and having no responsibility for their activity whatsoever! After all, there is the right to freedom of speech.

It appears that someone can spend as much as two minutes to ruin what you’ve been working on all your life!  One post or comment will spread out like a virus, and thousands or even millions of people will judge you according to one little sentence.

So what can be done? There two choices: you either let it go, let your good reputation be buried under pages of negative content, or you get out there and fight! The war will not be easy and quick. Whether it is a negative post or comment, everyone’s online reputation is always at risk, which is why it’s important to continuously monitor it and rebuild it if needed. Furthermore, for those looking for employment – recruiters, HR personnel or soon-to-be colleagues – will be turning to the Web to determine who’s fit for the job. If a candidate has too many inappropriate photos, status posts, spelling errors, angry tantrums – employers may think twice. Managing your online reputation is an ongoing process that in the end will present you in the best, most accurate light. Therefore, the earlier you start, the easier it will be. Don’t wait until your reputation is completely ruined. Be aware of what is happening on the Google pages!

Why Reputation?

Most small companies do not consider their online reputation important, and do not pay enough attention to the world of Google pages. However it is crucial and could become a decisive point in your career. Get a few bad reviews and it could mean lost business when potential new customers search for your company online. In the era of Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and a ton of other user-generated Web sites, now more than ever small businesses have to protect their online reputation.

The plan is pretty simple: potential customers rely on the Internet to research companies and products before they make a purchase. If a consumer comes across a bad review or report, they are more likely to move on to the next company. While small business owners may be overwhelmed with the thought of having to engage in social media to protect their online reputation, experts say it does not have to be a full time job – but it has to be done.

One of the easiest and most necessary things a company can do to keep up their reputation is to Google the company once a day or at a minimum once a week. Search all variations of your name in search engines, and evaluate whether the results reflect the reputation you’d like to share with the world, including current or future employers, colleagues, friends and family members. You can also set up Google alerts to inform you when your company is mentioned. There’s also pay-for services that will monitor all the mentions of a company online. If you find information about yourself that is inaccurate or less than favorable, respectfully request that the person who posted it remove it or correct an error.

In addition to searching the business online, having a presence on social media Web sites like Facebook and Twitter will enable the business owner to maintain a positive message about the company and react quickly to consumer complaints. Be careful adding new posts and sharing them with other people. Moreover, one of the easiest and helpful ways to protect an online reputation is to encourage customers that come to your company on a regular basis to like your company on Facebook or post positive testimonials on the company Website. If you take one step at a time and try to maintain your reputation every day, and don’t wait until it is ruined completely, it will never be a disaster.

Getting negative feedback and complaints is never pleasant and different people might have completely opposite reactions. But how you deal with it can set a precedent for future customer interactions. If someone has something bad to say about your business online and it is entirely wrong then, in a respectful way, set the person straight. But if there is some truth behind what the customer is saying it’s best to apologize and fix the situation – instead of pretending you did nothing wrong. It is already a fact that when the company tries to compromise and accepts its mistake, it solves the problem and saves the relationship.


Online Reputation


You build your career through the years, you walk across hot coals, you go through trials and tribulations, you struggle to create your name. You get your acknowledgment and recognition, and just when you are on pick of your career and everything seems right, some unsatisfied client (some people are never satisfied with anything) or somebody you don’t even know ruins your hard earned reputation in one second! It is such a disaster and happens so suddenly, that most companies don’t know how to react. What is most alarming is that it is contagious and spreads out all over the Web like a dreadful virus. At that moment it is crucial to respond immediately. Don’t wait until your enemies bury your reputation along with your whole career and business under a pile of negative content. Fight back! Use the same weapon your nemesis use. It is not easy, but you don’t have a choice!  
There is 10, 100, 1000 of them and you are alone in this war.It is very hard and time consuming. In most cases individuals or companies don’t have enough time and skills to handle the problem. That is why there are so many reputation management companies. Right away it brings out a question: who to trust? It is so easy to say: “We are so good in social media marketing and online reputation management!” With our fast developing world of technology everybody can position themselves as professionals. At the same time those who are already stable and reliable are not always fair and equitable price wise. Make a sufficient google research and an optimal compromise between price and quality. Don’t let yourself be blinded!

Understanding Online Reputation

The process of knowing the actions of any person or an organisation and the opinion about it from other person or an organisation along with reporting about it in a systematic way is called reputation management. Usually the word reputation is related to an individual but sometimes even with an organisation. The reputation may be accessed through word of mouth analysis or getting the feedback forms filled up for statistical analysis.

Usually people confuse reputation for image or branding. Both the terminologies have a vast difference. When an image is targeted the process and the effect of transmission is called reputation. The communication of an evaluation without the evaluator being specified is called reputation transmission. Reputation is social, believed and meta-evaluation.
Reputation is dependent on three inter related objects.
1. Cognitive representation: This is a believed evaluation. This could be the image of someone or some organisation. This representation and evaluation consists of a communicated evaluation.
2. Object of the population: the most common example of this is propagating evaluation that is believed upon.
3. Emergent Objective property at the level of the agent. Reputation is very dynamic. Reputation can change. The reputation is the result of multilevel bidirectional process.

The definition of reputation management can differ along with the situations that the company faces. Reputation Management is managing the reputation of a large company or a medium sized company or small company. The reputation management is also dependent on life of the company, whether it has just started or in the growth phase of lag phase of its life cycle. The three types of reputation management are as follows.
• Preparatory: When the reputation management is need in the pre-establishment stages of any organisation it is called preparatory reputation management. Usually preparatory reputation management is considered a precautionary measure.
• Building: The term Building Reputation Management is used when the company is in the starting phase of its life cycle or the company has just started. The objective of this is to maintain the present reputation and take corrective measures and precautions if needed because the company needs to first survive and then grow as time progresses. This reputation management is also called introductory reputation management.
• Incremental: When the organisation is in the growth phase of the life cycle then the incremental reputation management becomes necessary.
• Maintenance: When the company wants to maintain the good reputation that it has created in the public, the reputation management is called Maintenance Reputation Management. This sort of reputation management is for the companies that are already in the growth and maturity phase of their life cycle. In short these companies are well established and already have a good reputation. This reputation management is also called Experiential Reputation Management.
• Recovery: The Recovery Reputation Management is just like disaster management. This sort of reputation management is carried out when the company has already got a bad reputation in the market and wants to correct the situation by amending the mistakes. In this exercise the good marketing and self promotion techniques are used to hide the bad reputation of the company. This type of reputation management is usually needed in the decline stage of the organisation. This is also called Perspective Reputation Management.

Don’t get caught in the World Wide Web!

THE INTERNET has become a separate world with its own laws and rules. It’s got its own language, culture and reality, that does not always go along with our every day life.  And whether you are a start-up company, an established business with years of experience, or just an individual, – you are a part of the global system, and take a certain position on the social ladder of the worldwide web.  In this world, you might be nothing, but online you might be king, or vice-versa, which is much worse!  As a result, it becomes essential to build and maintain your profile online.

Online reputation is more important than your bank account. Your credit score goes back to how you pay off bills. The Internet is the great matrix that unifies the world. But once we get to a point where we have a constant currency around reputation, a lot more can be accomplished.

REPUTATIONS R US ensures individuals’ and companies’ online name does not go in vain.

REPUTATIONS R US specializes in promoting your reputation in a positive and accurate light, and driving search engines away from negative reviews about you or your business.

REPUTATIONS R US realizes times have changed. Today most employers, potential clients and investors turn to the World Wide Web to dig up background information. The online search is your digital face and electronic handshake, in reality, it is your best shot at leaving a good impression.

REPUTATIONS R US works around the clock to deliver the best results, the firm continuously works to protect your reputation.

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